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The Time Has Come For All Americans To Step Up!

July 8, 2010 1 comment

Our federal government is really in a bind. It has become so large now that it cannot fix itself, but that is what it tries to do.

Something that really drives me nuts is this notion that employees of our government must sell things to each other. The sheer amount of money and energy spent selling so called ‘good ideas’ and ‘personal agendas’ is overwhelming. But there are bigger problems.

Our government is broken. It is badly in need of repair. The only way to fix it is to cut off the money. Stop paying for it. Require the budget to be balanced and only spend what it takes in.

Will that be painful…yes! But what is the alternative, more government spending? I think not.

To get the conversation going, why don’t we push senior entitlements out to age 85 for everyone under 55 today and for those under 60 cut all the senior benefits in half.  Reduce federal government payroll costs by 25 percent with an immediate across the board pay cut, and cap federal executive pay at $125k for all government employees including the Congress. We must restore the civic duty of service and not continue to bankroll federal corruption.

It’s time for drastic measures America. We all need to step up. There is no easy way out. Government employees and Congress are incapable of fixing it from the inside. They lack the knowledge and the incentive. Reform can’t happen under the current spending arrangements and it won’t happen unless the American people step up.


TaxPayers say, “Lower the Damn Costs!”

May 25, 2010 2 comments

If you work for the government or a company that works for the government, who is your customer?  Is it your boss, or a contracting officer, or some tenured bureaucrat (public or private) that ensures you get paid?

I suggest that if you work for the federal government in any form – military, civilian, contractor, then you work for the American People and your customer is the U.S. Taxpayer.  There are many stewards in the government that can claim to represent the people (elected, appointed, and other government officials).  How do you think they are serving their customers?

What do U.S. Taxpayers get from their government?  Besides security, entitlements, and a range of services, don’t they get to pay for it all?  Is the cost of running the government at record highs?  Who is to blame for that?  The Congress and President for sure… but I think we are overlooking a big part of the problem – government bureaucrats – those tenured pathetic assholes that are stinking up our country.  They hide and the American People can’t see them, but like termites they are burrowed in our government departments eating away at taxpayer dollars.

So, whether you work for the federal government or a company that works for the government, the next time you hear about “the customer” – think about the American People and the U.S. Taxpayer.

Are you meeting THEIR needs?  Do you even know what they are?

Give President Obama a Break!

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment

We’ve all seen the campaign promises and inconsistencies from his administration on video throughout the last year.  Those are facts that no one can dispute and will be dealt with at election time.  But I think there is a larger issue that is being overlooked.  The President called for transparency, it didn’t happen and mistakes were made.  It’s true he is in charge of our government and should be held accountable, but the American people need to understand that it is not entirely his fault.  He is our President, so I think all Americans should, in spite of any evidence to the contrary, give him the benefit of the doubt about wanting transparency until the next election.  We have to work together or our nation will fail, and a transparent government is a good start.

For many Americans who have not worked with the federal civilian workforce this may be a surprise or a shock.  In the federal government, it is widely known that outside of law enforcement and security, probably about 25 percent of the people, at the most, do all the real work.  The other 75 percent have jobs and that’s about it.  It’s an employment program – some insiders call it a welfare program, that’s all it is.  Anyone who works with feds knows this – it’s a privately held known fact.  Federal workers are paid more than their private sector counterparts and they produce much less.

So when the President calls for transparency in government he might be sincere but there are a lot of folks standing in his way.  Take Congress for instance – they are hiding things as we just learned about in health care reform.  The President said the other day that some of the provisions that got “snuck in” might have violated his pledge.  He said he would fix it, and that’s all we should expect.  He is our President, and we should take him at his word, nothing less.

However, the President has an even bigger problem than that.  For what I estimate to be the 75 percent of worthless bureaucrats populating the ranks of our government, well, they have a lot to hide.  They know what happens when we find out they don’t contribute anything productive at work.  And boy, I don’t have to tell you that they are sharp to criticize anything that does.  They use their position power to protect themselves from being revealed, and that is what we have to stop.

So the solution isn’t just to cut spending or to raise taxes or anything like that.  The solution is to remove the power from the federal government brick by brick.  The American people should go line by line in the budget and pick out programs they want and then decide – who does it – a government bureaucracy at the federal level, or somewhere closer to the people like the state, local or even the private side.

It’s not going to be fixed from inside the federal ranks and it’s not going to be fixed fast.  To make government transparent the people have to do it from the outside-in.  No blue ribbon commission of ex-Senators and Congressman or top bureaucrats can fix the problem from the inside.  There are too many strong forces with bullshit jobs and lucrative contracts producing little or nothing to hide.  The real fix is for the American people to elect officials who have the guts to make the tough choices and shed the pork.

We also have to look-in at the problem from the outside.  We need real transparency.  The President has called for it, so we should take him at his word.  It’s the only way anything will get fixed.


Domestic Terrorists

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Not only are we under attack by Muslim Islamic Jihadist’s around the world who want to murder our military personnel and blow up civilian buildings and planes, we now face increasing attacks by Domestic Terrorists trained and based in Washington D.C.

Their weapon of choice?  Higher spending and higher taxes.

We must destroy the enemy.  Don’t listen to what they say – watch what they do.  Speak up everyday – they are on the ropes, don’t give them a break!

Warner and Webb – What does Virginia Get?

December 23, 2009 6 comments

Open Letter to Senator’s Warner and Webb (formerly Democrats, now secretly representing the New Progressive Communist Party – VA): 

Senators, I apologize for my harsh criticism over the last year.  I wasn’t smart enough to see your secret plan.  But after Louisiana and now Nebraska landed wonderful deals I think I know what you’re doing.  You’re obviously holding out for something even more outrageous and I think I know what it is.  You are holding out so Virginia gets three things out of this (maybe we’ll hear about it at the planned 7am Christmas Eve vote): 

First, I agree with you that we should be able to keep our military bases.  It has been reported that Senator Nelson was threatened by the President that if he did not vote for a health care bill, that Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska would be closed.  We want our military bases to stay in Virginia. Good call to hold out for that one. 

I have to admit that I was really upset when I heard that Nebraska was able to secure free Medicaid forever. That means that the rest of us Americans will be paying for it.  But you guys are being patient and savvy, waiting for the big deal.  I know what you rascals are up to. 

You’re going to tell the President that you will vote for his bill if two more conditions are met. 

First, you’ll tell him that none of the special tax increases for items excluding income apply to Virginia.  That’s right.  We won’t have to pay for any other state’s medical equipment or special fees for eating hamburgers or visiting tanning salons.  Good move… shake him down a bit like he’s used to in Chicago.  Then drop the big ball. 

Tell the President that Virginia’s wants an irrevocable amendment to the Constitution providing a total exclusion from paying anymore social security, Medicare, and federal income taxes – forever.  That’s right; we want a zero tax rate for people and businesses across the state.  Virginia will become the economic epicenter of the world!  You guys are brilliant.  We’ll get jobs, a better economy, and no taxes.  To hell with doing anything for our country, the Senate is teaching us it’s just about doing what’s best for our state, right? 

You have the power now that your two votes are needed.  These guys are really desperate and will do anything.  Like the White House is saying today on the news, let’s do it the way it’s always been done in Congress and leave it to the other states to pay since they are dumb enough to pay for Louisiana and Nebraska.  We know that the bill is unconstitutional, but let’s leave it to the fools in other states who are voting for all this nonsense to pay for it.  Obviously they will.  Or even better, leave it to their kids in their states and generations to come to pay for it (and all those unborn masses we used to call a fetus).  Why should we care, we’ll be living like fat cats in Virginia.  Who cares about the United States anyway? 

You know, I really thought you two were dumb enough to go along with this nonsense until I realized you couldn’t be that stupid and had a secret plan to negotiate for the bigger deal.  Let me apologize once again.  

You fellas are brilliant and I think your plan to hold out for the bigger deal is a good one.  

So, is this really what you’re going after or do you have something even more outrageous in mind? 

Do tell.  Virginians want to know.  Answer the question: What does Virginia Get? 

Oh,… almost forgot… there is one more item.  The next thing you’ll need to do is introduce a comprehensive immigration reform bill to keep those pesky Americans from other states from coming across Virginia’s borders for jobs.  I mean, what right will they have to our fantastic economy and health care when we make it better on our own without the federal government interfering?

Feds Cost More Than The Private Sector

December 11, 2009 1 comment

Can anyone say National Debt or Recession?  Federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession’s first 18 months — and that’s before overtime pay and bonuses are counted.  At the same time, we hear our President and pay czars admonish private sector employees for making too much money.   They do nothing to spark small business growth, and want to raise our taxes sky high.   There is a USA TODAY article in which it is revealed that federal workers earn an average salary of $71,206 vs. $40,331 for private sector employees.  While those numbers are striking, there is more shocking news.   According to the CATO Institute, when benefits are included, federal workers earn far more than those in the private sector and the disparity is growing.   

Federal employee wages surge versus private sector.
Federal employee wages surge versus private sector.
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On Government Incompetence

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

I am saddened when I hear government officials lie intentionally and act like it’s no big deal.  I am disappointed when I see government officials deliberately take sub-optimal approaches and spend more time covering their backside than getting the job done.  I am perplexed when I see government officials who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution wasting taxpayer money without oversight or consequence. 

Our government is being dragged into the gutter by our politicians and these pesky little pathetic bureaucrats that are running our government.  While I do see leaders at the top here in Washington with promise and positive intent, unfortunately they are surrounded by bozos and losers and liars.  The American people should demand a full investigation.  The government investigates itself so we need to look outside. 

We’re in trouble America.  It’s not just the politicians; we must change everything in our civilian government about how it runs and the people who run it.  We must elect and hire competent people, set clear expectations, measure results, and evaluate progress.